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The Goals of the Maxine Smith STEAM Academy

Goal 1: To design, implement, and evaluate a mission driven STEAM Academy that supports the students’ engagement in authentic, relevant experiences to improve math, technology, and science performance.

Goal 2: To develop a school culture that focuses on personalizing the student experience, building relationships with students and parents, and character development through a responsive classroom atmosphere of respect and trust.

Goal 3: To prepare, retain, and empower effective teachers to use authentic STEAM projects in a team-based approach in order to provide a common thread throughout all subjects.

Goal 4: To engage students in science, technology, and mathematics instruction which is construed through engineering disciplines and embedded in the arts as the students engage in greenSTEAM topics in order to become environmentally literate.

Goal 5: To use effective and innovative instructional strategies to decrease any gaps in achievement and technical skills among gender, racial/ethnic background and economic level, as measured by subgroup analysis of TCAP/PARCC, technology skills assessments, and other assessments.

Goal 6: To develop strategic partnerships with families, businesses, and the school community to develop a national model for providing innovative STEAM experiences for middle school students in large, urban school districts.