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Optional School Requirements

Applying to MSSA

Applications are accepted in room 106 of the SCS Board of Education.







Applying to the Optional Schools Program

• Most recent report card grades of A’s and B’s, with no more than one C as a semester average.

•Achievement Test scores must be at or above the 65th percentile in RLA and Mathematics.

• Conduct grades must be Satisfactory or above.

• Students will be offered an opportunity to participate in an extended school day for an additional thirty minutes one day each week to complete STEAM laboratory activities.

• Satisfactory attendance is required. A total of no more than 15 absences and/or tardies to school and/or to class is required.

• Student and parent will be required to sign an Agreement stating they understand the expectations of this program and are committed to maintaining them.

• Once it’s determined that the student meets the minimum requirements, the student will come to the school for an interview as well as be assigned a prompt.

• All students will be on an Optional transfer and must meet the minimum entrance requirements. Preference will be given to qualified students who live within two miles of the school for 50 percent of the available slots per grade. The additional fifty percent of the slots will be open to students who qualify from Shelby County at large.