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The arts are essential to help students develop as independent and creative thinkers. Students will be exposed to art often, and will have opportunities to express themselves and to learn about the arts. Several extended day lab sessions each month will be devoted to learning about various forms of art. Local artists will often join us in these sessions, and we may, on occasion, visit artists in their studios as well. Furthermore, students will be expected to regularly integrate the arts into project work.

Sixth graders will complete approximately 4 greenSTEAM projects (most lasting 5-6 weeks, some lasting longer) over the course of the first year.

Seventh graders will complete projects that are increasingly more involved, more student-directed, and that take more time to complete. Seventh graders might complete three or four major projects, each lasting two to three months.

Eighth graders will propose and complete a six-month capstone project that makes a significant contribution to the environment around them.